Bank Negotiations

Bank Negotiations to lend your business. Most people think credit is a simple process – I go to the bank, say what I want them to tell me what they are giving, and if it suits me, I’m gripping my hands. In fact, this has not been the case for a long time. With the development of financial services, the withdrawal of credit has become a complex process of seeking the most appropriate product, choosing a bank that would allocate the money and negotiate the terms of the loan.

At present, 27 banks and branches of foreign banks operate on the territory of Bulgaria. Some offer the full range of products and services. Others have limited themselves to only a few. Some banks also offer non-bank products and services by tying sales to each other, etc. To make sure that every person / firm has received the most appropriate product / service for it at the best price conditions, to invest a lot of time and to be „inward“ with bank terms and practices.

We offer our clients a chance to save some of their time, while ensuring that the bank does not abuse their need or incompetence. Let’s not forget that banks are money traders. And with every trader you have to negotiate. Their goal is to sell their resource at the highest possible price as well as to sell as many products and services as possible. And whether you need them is not that important. To achieve this goal, some bank employees resort to unfair practices that mislead their customers to sell more products. Negotiating with a bank aims to make the loan as profitable to you as it is for them.

By trusting the process of negotiating with a professional bank, you:

  • you save time (from going around more than one bank to searching for a product)
  • you save money (from paying unnecessary fees and commissions)
  • save nerves (from dealing with incompetent employees)
  • you get protection from unscrupulous bank employees (who will sell you something you do not need)
  • you are confident that a professional protects your interests before the interests of the bank
  • you get the peace of mind that you’ve got the best possible product for your needs.