Financial and Accounting Services

Financial and accounting services from Finex

 Our team has many years of professional experience in all areas of financial and accounting services. The services we offer cover all the needs of your business. From the registration of your company, preliminary market research, consultations on ways and opportunities for attracting capital and foreign investments, document preparation in case of need of bank credit and assistance in obtaining it, until the preparation of a business plan and the overall accounting service of your company. The team consists of experts with more than 10 years of experience in the field.

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We strive to be as flexible as possible and to approach each client individually.

Our activity complies with the latest requirements of the legal framework governing the respective business activity and with all requirements in the field of accounting, taxes and insurance.

We provide continuous improvement of the quality of the services offered through additional training and qualifications of our staff including attending seminars and conferences.

The accounting department’s priorities are aimed at achieving long-term, loyal business relationships that foster the success of your business by providing real and accurate information to the management of the state of the company’s finances, thereby assisting and facilitating management decision-making. The accounting services offered are for each type of business.

Payroll and personnel

Preparation of employment and civil contracts, supplementary agreements, job descriptions, appointment or termination warrants, income statement, WP – 2 and Income Certificate;

     * Preparation of payroll payroll;

     * Preparation and filing of Model 1 and Form 6;
Registration of hospital sheets of the company’s staff;
Preparation of the necessary documents for retirement;
Preparation of business notes on the income of individuals;
Filling in labor and insurance books;


Monthly accounting service

* Primary processing of the monthly documents submitted
    * Invoice invoices and EFTF vouchers for sales

    * Cost invoices for purchases made

   * Processing of bank paragons on current accounts – BGN / currency
Issuance of sold goods and input materials from the warehouse.
Calculation of total production costs


Annual accounting clearance

* Preparation of the Annual Financial Statement of the Company;
  * Submitting the Annual Financial Statement of the Company to the Commercial Register;
  * Preparation of Annual Tax Declaration of legal and natural persons;
  * Submission of the Annual Statistical Forms to the National Statistical Institute.

Other services

For your convenience, we also provide other services in all areas of accounting, insurance, labor relations, including:

* Preparation of payment documents to suppliers,
* Representation of the assignor to the TD of NRA, Banks and NSI
* Tax and Insurance Revisions (National Revenue Agency)


Financial and business consultations include:micro, small, medium and large enterprises), farmers and individuals – loans, factoring, leasing, grant schemes, investors and other credit and financial products ;

* preparation of business plans and other necessary documents included in the application package;
financial analysis of commercial activity;
finding a solution to existing bad loans, which includes looking for options for resolving the creditworthiness of borrowers by refinancing loans, attracting new investors, and other techniques that will lead to debt repayment and negotiation with creditors;
Finding appropriate funding for individuals – mortgage and consumer loans.


Insurance services – we work together with one of the largest insurance brokers in the country and offer to our clients the conclusion of all kinds of insurance as well as professional counseling and assistance in damages.


Our activity is in compliance with the current requirements and the latest amendments in the legislation. By offering individual customer care and maximum flexibility, we strive to satisfy our customers’ needs as efficiently as possible.


We know that time is expensive and one of our main goals is to save it to our partners. We strive to make their work as easy as possible, make sure they are well informed and receive quality services at a reasonable price.


We offer business solutions based on our years of experience combined with continuous improvement of the quality of the services offered. Contact us!

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